COMPASS Users Information Page

The COMPASS Users Informaton Page

This page is intended to provide a resource for users of COMPTEL data and, in particular, the COMPTEL Processing and Analysis Software (otherwise known as COMPASS). This page provides information not only about COMPASS and its use, it also provides information regarding the datasets that have been made public by the COMPTEL collaboration.

The Subsystems of COMPASS

The COMPASS software consists of a number of tasks that are logically separated into various subsystems. Each subsystem is designed to provide a particular functionality to COMPASS.

Data Processing Status

The following links provide access to the latest status of data processing at MPE. These data are based on the processing checks of EVP data performed at UNH. The primary purpose of these data is to provide feedback to the operators at MPE , but they may also be of interest to those who may be analyzing data. These data give only the processing status for those dat abeing processed with version 14 of EVPRNN (delivered in Feb, 1998).

Datasets Delivered to the CGRO Science Support Center

The following links provide access to reports that list the data that have been delivered to the SSC. For each phase of the mission, there are two types of reports. The first report gives a listing of datasets that are generated on a per viewing period basis (BVC, DRE, DRG, DRX, EVP, MEA, MLM and TIM). The second report gives a listing of datsets that are generated on a per mission day basis (HKD, OAD and PBS). The viewing period information contained in the COMPASS database is also available.

In addition to actual flight data from COMPTEL, several auxilliary datasets have been delivered to support the use of COMPASS at the SSC. The following report provides information on these auxilliary datasets.

Last Updated: March 6, 2001

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