Multiwavelength studies of the peculiar gamma-ray source 3EG J1835+5918

O. Reimer

K.T.S. Brazier

A. Carraminana

G. Kanbach

P.L. Nolan

D.J. Thompson


The brightest unidentified gamma-ray source outside the galactic plane, 3EG J1835+5918, was observed with EGRET during each cycle of the CGRO mission. Despite its very presice determined location it still lacks of any suitable counterpart for identification. The gamma-ray properties of 3EG J1835+5918, obtained during CGRO observational cycles 1 - 7, are summarized. With the analysis of a recent 60 ksec ROSAT HRI observation, first ever counterparts for this source are suggested. Additionally, results from ground-based optical observations aimed to identify the counterparts within the GeV-source location of 3EG J1835+5918 will be presented.

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