Bright X-ray bursts from 1E1724-3045 in Terzan 2

M. Cocchi, A. Bazzano, L. Natalucci, P. Ubertini

J. Heise, E. Kuulkers, J.J.M. in ít Zand


During about 3 years 2-28 keV monitoring of the Galactic Centre region by the Wide Field Camera telescopes on board the BeppoSAX satellite, a total of 14 type-I X-ray bursts were detected from the hard tailed burster 1E 1724-3045 located in the globular cluster Terzan 2. All the observed events showed evidence of photospheric radius expansion due to near-Eddington burst luminosity, thus leading to an estimate of the source distance ( ~ 7.2 kpc). Preliminary results of the analysis of the bursts are presented.

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