The Integral Science Operations Centre (ISOC): From proposal to Observation.

N.R.Trams, P.Barr, C. Breneol, C. Winkler, L. Hansson, J. Sternberg, J. Nolan et al.


The Integral Science Operations Centre at ESTEC are responsible for support to the community in the issue of the Call for Proposals, support for the Time Allocation Committee and mission planning. In this paper we discuss the various aspects of the ISOC which are of interest to the community, with special attention for the first Call for Proposals that will be issued in spring next year. The role of the ISOC in the overall ground segment is discussed. Details on the Integral Call for Observing proposals are given, including dates, and relevant web addresses. An overview of the available tools in ISOC for the preparation of the observing programmes is also given. The proposal selection process by the Time Allocation Committee is briefly discussed. Finally a description of the observation scheduling procedures and policies is given.

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