BeppoSAX/PDS study of the Piccinotti sample of AGN

A. Malizia

L. Bassani

G. Di Cocco

A.J. Dean

F. Frontera



The BeppoSAX public archive has been searched for high energy data obtained with the PDS instrument on the Piccinotti sample of AGN. Of the 36 objects included in the sample, 15 are now public and their 15-200 keV spectra have been analysed in order to define the characteristics of their high energy emission. Preliminary results are presented which indicate that in those cases where the statistical quality of the data is high, fitting with a simple power law is not always sufficient. In these cases, of spectral complexity, addition of a reflection component can significantly improve the quality of the fit. The possible presence of a high energy cut-off is also analysed and discussed.

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