Study of Nova-Produced 22Na with COMPTEL

A. F. Iyudin, R. Diehl, V. Schönfelder, A. Strong

H. Bloemen, W. Hermsen

J. Knödlseder

J. Ryan

K. Bennett, C. Winkler


After 8 years of the Compton Mission (CGRO) the COMPTEL telescope has achieved an MeV g-ray line sensitivity of about 10-5 photons cm-2s-1. At this level of sensitivity quite high expectations can be placed on the detection of the predicted 22Na g-ray line at 1.275 MeV from nearby novae. Classical novae provide an environment in which hydrogen-burning reactions proceed on CNO and heavier nuclei at high temperatures. For such conditions astrophysically significant fluxes of the 22Na g-ray line are expected.

We have used all COMPTEL data collected till the 2nd CGRO reboost to update previously published limits for the sodium production by novae. Results of the 22Na line emission studies from the old and the most recent novae will be discussed and compared to the model predictions.

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