Study of MeV continuum from Cas A with COMPTEL

A.W. Strong

W. Collmar

R. Diehl

A. Iyudin

V. Schönfelder

H. Bloemen

W. Hermsen


Supernova remnants are likely sources of cosmic rays. Energetic particles accelerated in these objects should provide a variety of continuum emission signatures over the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Models predict that electron synchrotron emission may be detected from radio to hard X-ray energies, while at higher energies, in the MeV regime and above, the same electrons are expected to be visible through bremsstrahlung. The hard X-ray continuum emission from the Cas A supernova remnant indicates in fact the presence of high-energy electrons and makes it an interesting candidate for study at MeV energies.

We have analysed COMPTEL data for evidence of continuum emission in addition to the previously detected 44Ti line. The implications of the results in constraining models of the emission will be discussed.

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