VHE Gamma Ray Observations of Southern Hemisphere AGNs

P.M.Chadwick, K.Lyons, T.J.L.McComb, K.J.Orford, J.L.Osborne, S.M.Rayner, S.E.Shaw, K.E.Turver


A range of AGNs visible from the Southern hemisphere has been observed with the University of Durham Mark 6 very high energy gamma ray telescope. Results of the observations of PKS 2155-304, 1ES 0323+022, PKS 0829+046, 1ES 1101-232, Cen A, PKS 1514-24, RXJ 10578-275, 1ES 2316-423, PKS 2005-489 and PKS 0548-322 are presented.

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