A Search for VHE Gamma Rays from Young Pulsars and Supernova Remnants in the Southern Hemisphere

P.M.Chadwick, K.Lyons, T.J.L.McComb, K.J.Orford, J.L.Osborne, S.M.Rayner, S.E.Shaw, K.E.Turver


Observations have been made with the University of Durham Mark 6 telescope of a number of supernova remnants and young pulsars (PSR B1706-44, Vela pulsar, PSR B1055-52, PSR J1105-6107, PSR J0537-6910 and PSR B0540-69). Although steady emission has been seen from PSR B1706-44, no VHE gamma ray emission, either steady or pulsed, has been detected from the other objects. Implications of these results for theories of high energy gamma ray production in plerions and young pulsars are discussed.

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