X-ray Observations of the EGRET Sources 3EG 2016+3657 and 3EG 2021+3719

Reshmi Mukherjee

Eric Gotthelf

Dana Stern

Marco Tavani


The Third EGRET Catalog (Hartman et al. 1999) lists 271 sources of high energy (E > 100 MeV) gamma-rays of which 169 are unidentified. The origin of these unidentified sources, both in the Galactic plane, as well as at high latitudes, remain a perplexing mystery for high energy astrophysics. In this poster we present a study of two unidentified sources 3EG 2016+3657 and 3EG 2021+3719, located close to the COS B source 2CG 075+00. We summarize the x-ray and gamma-ray observations around the error boxes of the sources to search for clues on the nature of these objects.

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