44Ti Gamma-Ray Line Emission from Cas A and RXJ0852-4622/GROJ0852-4642

A. F. Iyudin, V. Schönfelder, W. Collmar, R. Diehl, G.G. Lichti, S. Plüschke, A. Strong

H. Bloemen, W. Hermsen

J. Knödlseder

J. Ryan

C. Winkler


COMPTEL's discovery of 44Ti line emission at 1.16 MeV from Cas A, the youngest known Galactic SNR, has opened the possibility to search for otherwise undetected Galactic supernova remnants through penetrating MeV photons. The 6 year 44Ti line emission survey (from ~ 8 years mission database) performed by COMPTEL onboard the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO) had resulted in the detection of the 1.157 MeV line emission from a previously unknown and optically undetected SNR in the Vela region, discovered by ROSAT via its X-ray emission (RXJ0852-4622/GROJ0852-4642).

Limitations in 44Ti line searches arise from uncertainties in our different background modelling techniques, and our event selection criteria to supress a large part of the overwhelming background. Therefore, we have reevaluated the significance of the reported COMPTEL detection in great detail now and will present the current status.

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