AGILE: a Gamma-Ray Mission

M. Tavani

P. Caraveo, S. Mereghetti, F. Perotti, L. Soli, S. Vercellone

G. Barbiellini, G. Budini, F. Longo, M. Prest, E. Vallazza

A. Morselli, P. Picozza, V. Cocco

E. Costa, M. Feroci, E. Morelli, M. Rapisarda, P. Soffitta

G. Di Cocco, C. Labanti

A. Pellizzoni


AGILE is an innovative, cost-effective gamma-ray mission recently approved by the Italian Space Agency for the Program of Small Scientific Missions. The AGILE gamma-ray instrument (Silicon tracker and CsI mini-calorimeter) is designed to detect and image photons in the 30 MeV-50 GeV energy band with good sensitivity and very large field of view (FOV ~ 2 sr). An X-ray detector, Super-AGILE, sensitive in the 10-40 keV band and integrated on top of the gamma-ray tracker, will also provide simultaneous hard X-ray imaging and moderate spectroscopy.

AGILE will operate as an Observatory open to the international community. The AGILE scientific program will be optimized for three main goals: (1) transient searches and monitoring of gamma-ray sources; (2) fast reaction to transients, and dissemination of quicklook results to allow multiwavelength observations; (3) optimal timing and broad-band ( ~ 10 keV - 50 GeV) studies of GRBs, solar flares, and other transients.

For selected sky areas, AGILE might achieve a flux sensitivity (above 100 MeV) better than 5 ×10-8 ph cm2 s-1 at the completion of its scientific program. AGILE is planned to be operational during the year 2002 for a 3-year mission. It will be an ideal `bridge' between EGRET and GLAST, and the only mission entirely dedicated to high-energy astrophysics above 30 MeV.

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