COMPTEL 1.8 MeV All Sky Survey: The Cygnus Region

S.Plüschke, R.Diehl, V.Schönfelder, G.Weidenspointner




H.Bloemen, W.Hermsen

M.McConnell, J.Ryan


We present an updated version of COMPTEL's 1.809 MeV sky survey. Based on eight years of observations we compare results from different imaging techniques using background from adjacent energy bands. We confirm the previously reported characteristics of the galactic 1.809 MeV emission, specifically excesses in regions away from the inner Galaxy. Because this gamma ray line is due to the decay of radioactive 26Al, predominantly synthesized in massive stars, one anticipates flux enhancements aligned with regions of recent star formation. This is born out by the observations. In particular the Cygnus feature, first presented in 1996 based on three years of COMPTEL data, is confirmed. Based on the stellar population we distinguish three prominent areas in this region, for which we separatly derive fluxes, and discuss interpretations.

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