Spectral properties of gamma-ray detected Blazars from 5 to 37 GHz



Long term monitoring fluxes of 30 EGRET detected Blazars from Metsähovi (37 and 22 GHz) and Michigan (14.5, 8.0 and 4.8 GHz) are used study the mean spectral properties of these sources. As the EGRET detected Blazars all are flat-spectrum sources (flat meaning usually the spectral index between 2.7 and 5.0 GHz being around 0), the spectral properties are investigated to higher frequencies. The flux used is a mean value from commonly well sampled time intervals at all frequencies, typically more than 10 years for these sources. For reference a sample of 28 sources which were not detected with EGRET, were treated similarily.

Within error limits both samples looked similar from their mean flux between 4.8 and 37 GHz. If the mm-outbursts and gamma flares are connected, also the reference group should show gamma events if the temporal coveridge would be good enought. Future missions, like GLAST would show if this is true.

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