COMPTEL Constraints on 60Fe Emission from 26Al Sources

R. Diehl, U. Wessolowski, S. Plüschke, A. Iyudin, V. Schönfelder, A.W. Strong

H. Bloemen, W. Hermsen

D. Morris, J. Ryan

K. Bennett, C. Winkler

J. Knödlseder

U. Oberlack


60Fe production from core-collapse supernovae is predicted to follow the spatial distribution of 26Al sources, if supernovae produce essentially all of 26Al in the galaxy. We use the map of 26Al sources derived from COMPTEL measurements to constrain such correlated 60Fe emission. With more observations and improved background-handling methods we are able to show that the theoretical prediction under above assumption of a flux ratio in the radioactivity lines from 60Fe and 26Al of ~ 16% appears too high. The implications of this finding with respect to 26Al and 60Fe production sources will be discussed.

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