BeppoSAX Observation of the X-ray pulsar 4U1538-52

N. R. Robba

G. Cusumano

T. Di Salvo

L. Burderi


4U 1538-52 is a high mass X-ray binary, with a cyclotron absorption line in the hard part of its spectrum. The presence of the second harmonic was also claimed. We report preliminar results of the broad band (0.1-100 keV) spectral analysis performed on 4U 1538-52, observed by BeppoSAX Narrow Field Instruments. The broad band spectral coverage and the good spectral resolution of the NFIs are essential to determine the spectral shape of the continuum and to adequately investigate the high energy part of the spectrum, above the cyclotron feature. In this way the presence of higher harmonics could be revealed.

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