COMPTEL Time-Averaged All-Sky Point Source Analysis

W.Collmar, V.Schönfelder, A.W.Strong

H.Bloemen, W.Hermsen

M.McConnell, J.Ryan



We use all COMPTEL data from the beginning of the CGRO mission (April '91) up to the end of CGRO Cycle 6 (November '97) to carry out all-sky point source analyses in the four standard COMPTEL energy bands for different time periods: the sum of all data as well as different subdivisions, e.g. CGRO Phases/Cycles 1-3 and 4-6 separately. We apply our standard maximum-likelihood method to generate all-sky significance and flux maps for point sources by subtracting off the diffuse emission components via model fitting. In addition, fluxes of known sources have been determined for individual CGRO Phases/Cycles to generate lightcurves with a time resolution of the order of one year. The goal of the analysis is to derive quantitative results - significances, fluxes, light curves - of our brightest and most significant sources such as 3C 273, and to search for additional new COMPTEL sources, showing up in the summed data only. The analysis results, all-sky point source maps as well as time-averaged source spectra and light curves for several individual sources (e.g. 3C 279, PKS 0528+134), with emphasis on AGN will be presented.

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