Broad Band Properties of Radio Loud Emission Line AGN

P. Grandi

P. Giommi

G. Malaguti

L. Maraschi

G.G.C. Palumbo

E. Piconcelli

C.M. Urry


Recent BeppoSAX observations of bright radio galaxies (3C 390.3, Cen A, 3C 382, 3C 111) have shown that there is a considerable variety of spectral properties among radio galaxies and important differences with respect to Seyfert galaxies. The cold material responsible for the fluorescent iron line and for the reflection hump seem to be absent in some radio loud AGN or, if present, not necessarily near to the primary X-ray source. In other cases, featureless spectra seem to suggest a substantial contribution from the jet to the observed X-ray emission. We present here a systematic and extensive analysis of a large sample of radio-loud emission line AGN extracted by the BeppoSAX public archive and discuss possible physical or geometrical reasons responsible of the observed differences.

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