Report on the gamma-ray source 2CG 135+01

M. Tavani

D. Kniffen

J. Mattox

J. Paredes

R. Foster


We present the current status of research on the prominent unidentified gamma-ray source 2CG 135+01 near the Galactic plane. Discovered by COS-B, and observed several times by EGRET with a variable gamma-ray flux, 2CG 135+01 might be associated with the massive 'radio star' LSI 61 303. We present the results of simultaneous gamma-ray and radio observations of these sources, and discuss their implications also in light of a recently established new gamma-ray source near 2CG 135+1. The 2CG 135+01/LSI 61 303 system might be a neutron star-massive star binary, producing gamma-ray and radio emission by a termination shock of a pulsar wind interacting with gaseous outflow from the companion star.

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