BeppoSAX observation of the peculiar X-ray source 4U1700+24

D. Dal Fiume, N. Masetti, M. Orlandini, F. Frontera

S. Del Sordo, A. Santangelo, A. Segreto

C. Bartolini, A. Guarnieri, A. Piccioni


The X-ray source 4U1700+24/HD154791 is one of the few galactic sources whose counterpart is an evolved M star (Garcia et al. 1983, Dal Fiume et al. 1990, Polcaro et al. 1999). In X-rays the source shows extreme erratic variability and a complex and variable spectrum. While this strongly suggests accretion onto a compact object, no clear diagnosis of binarity was done up to now. We report on a BeppoSAX broad band observation of this source and on ground optical observations from the Loiano telescope.

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