Galactic Supernova Rate from COMPTEL 44Ti Gamma-line Observations

L.-S. The, M. D. Leising, D. H. Hartmann

R. Diehl, A. Iyudin

U. Oberlack


44Ti is one of the few radioactive nuclei produced in SNe events quite abundantly. Because 44Ti's short life time is comparable with the typical time between SNe events in a galaxy, the 44Ti distribution in the galaxy therefore is a good diagnostic tool for probing recent SNe events in the Galaxy. We present our analysis of the COMPTEL's Cycle 1-6 44Ti gamma-line map compared with Monte Carlo simulations of SNe events in the Galaxy. Using standard Galactic SNe distribution models and theoretical SNe 44Ti production, we constrain Galactic supernova rates with the COMPTEL data. We compare the results with the rates inferred from the historical supernovae in the last two millenniums.

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