Background modelling in COMPTEL Al-26 1.8 MeV studies

H.Bloemen, W.Hermsen

R.Diehl, A.Iyudin, S.Plüschke, V.Schönfelder

M.McConnell, J.Ryan





The background that needs to be accounted for in Al-26 1.8 MeV studies consists of an instrumental component and the celestial continuum emission. We have applied two different methods to determine this background in the 3-dimensional COMPTEL data space. One method treats the instrumental and celestial backgrounds as one entity, scaling the event distributions at adjacent energies (used in most of our 1.8 MeV studies). A more recently developed method treats the two background components separately, first attempting to determine the celestial continuum contribution under the 1.8 MeV line by interpolation from adjacent energies. The instrumental background can then be determined following our standard approach for our continuum studies. We present a detailed comparison of the two methods and the resulting maps.

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