BeppoSAX hard X-ray observations of Cluster of Galaxies

L. Bassani, E. Caroli, G. Di Cocco, G. Malaguti, J.B. Stephen

A. Malizia,

A.J. Dean


The BeppoSAX public archive has been searched for hard X-ray data obtained with the PDS instruments on observations of clusters of Galaxies . Of the fourteen objects analysed with the standard procedure, eight are detected with a significance s in the 13-120 keV range, while for the remaining objects a marginal detection (3 < s < 6)can be claimed. Preliminary results are presented which indicate that a spectral fitting with a power law of slope ~ 3 is generally satisfactory. However, the lack of imaging capabilities in the PDS prevents a discrimination between an origin of this emission in terms of an AGN or inverse Compton on the Cosmic Microwave Background. The potential of the INTEGRAL instruments to detect this high energy emission in Clusters of Galaxies and to discriminate between the AGN and the inverse Compton engine is briefly discussed.

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