IBIS detectability of the BeppoSAX Hard Tailed sample of Bursters.

A. Bazzano, M. Cocchi, G. De Cesare, L. Natalucci and P. Ubertini


During the 2.5 years Galactic Bulge Monitoring with the WFC on board the Beppo-SAX satellite new X-Ray Burst sources have been discovered. 4 of these sources have also been promptly observed on a wide energy band by using the Narrow Field Instrument of the satellite and a high energy component up to 200 keV have been detected in all cases. Spectral and temporal parameters of these objects will be discussed and compared to previous measurements.

Moreover bursts behaviour has been outlined with the WFC observations for 4 more sources previously observed with other high energy instruments enlarging the sample of studied objects.

These results support the existence of such a class of hard x-ray emitters as previously suggested and are very promising for the future IBIS/INTEGRAL observations during the CORE Programme (Galactic Plane Survey and the Galactic Centre Deep Exposure). Simulation results on the IBIS view on these class of object will be presented.

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