Status of the Compton Observatory

Neil Gehrels

Chris Shrader


The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory remains in excellent health after more than 8 years in orbit. All instruments are free of significant anomalies and are operating near their predicted capabilities. As of July, 1999 there is approximately 0.5 full-operation years of EGRET spark chamber gas remaining, which we plan to ration over the next several years. The spacecraft has had tape recorder and battery anomalies, but is now stable and returning ~ 85% of the data through real-time coverage. The orbit was successfully raised in fall 1993 and again in May 1997, and the spacecraft will now remain in orbit through approximately 2008. The continuing high rate of proposal submission, paper publication and scientific discovery show that the Observatory remains at peak productivity. The scientific potential of the mission for the next 5-8 years is excellent, with many key discoveries such as line observations from novae and SNe I and detection of cosmological structure in the gamma-ray burst sky distribution still likely.

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