Comparison of Epochs of Ejection of Superluminal Components with the g-Ray Light Curves of EGRET Blazars

Svetlana G. Marchenko, Alan P. Marscher, Jeremy Hallum, John R. Mattox

Ann E. Wehrle, Steven D. Bloom


We have completed a study of the compact radio jets of 41 g-ray bright blazars with the VLBA, mostly at 22 and 43 GHz. From the multi-epoch images, we determine the proper motions of the apparent superluminal components. We compare the epochs of zero separation from the (presumed stationary) core with the g-ray lights curves obtained from the 3rd EGRET catalog in order to determine whether g-ray flares are associated with major energetic disturbances that propagate down the jet.

This research was supported in part by NASA through several CGRO guest investigator grants.

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