Search for TeV Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts

R. Atkins, B.L. Dingus, J.E. McEnery

W. Benbow, D.G. Coyne, D.E. Dorfan, L.A. Kelley, J.F. McCollough, M.F. Morales, M. Schneider, S. Westerhoff, D.A. Williams

D. Berley

M.L. Chen, D. Evans, J.A. Goodman, G.W. Sullivan

R.S. Delay, S. Hugenberger, I. Leonor, A. Shoup, G.B. Yodh

R.W. Ellsworth

A. Falcone, M.McConnell, J.M. Ryan

L. Fleysher, R. Fleysher, A.I. Mincer, P. Nemethy

G. Gisler, T.J. Haines, C.M. Hoffman, R.S. Miller, G. Sinnis

B. Shen, A.J. Smith, T. Tumer, K. Wang, M.O. Wascko


Milagrito, a prototype of the Milagro water Cherenkov experiment, operated from February 1997 through May 1998. With its wide field of view (>1sr) and high duty cycle it was ideally suited to a search for gamma ray bursts at TeV energies. During the lifetime of Milagrito, 54 bursts detected by BATSE were also in the field of view of Milagrito. Results of a search for TeV counterparts to these bursts will be presented.

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