The INTEGRAL Science Data Center

P. Dubath, A. Aubord, P. Bartholdi, J. Borkowski, T. Contessi, T. Courvoisier, D. Cremonesi, D. Jennings, P. Kretschmar, T. Lock, N. Morisset, S. Paltani, R. Rohlfs, R. Walter,


The INTEGRAL Science Data Center (ISDC) is designed as an interface between the INTEGRAL data and the user community. Its main task is to receive and process all the INTEGRAL data, to distribute the data and the processing results to the observers and to archive them for future use. It is also foreseen to provide help and support to the observers in analyzing INTEGRAL data. The ISDC is developing a gamma-ray burst detection system in order to provide accurate GRB positions within a few minutes of the detection to registered users. Two main pipeline processing chains are also being developed. (1) A near real time analysis pipeline, aiming at detecting bright transient sources, both for alerting the astronomical community and for initiating possible INTEGRAL Target Of Opportunity (TOO) observation. (2) A consolidated data analysis pipeline, carried out sometime later, with primary goal to produce the standard data products to be distributed and archived. At the present time, the ISDC is developing the analysis infrastructure and tools in close collaboration with the teams building the instruments. The data coming from the INTEGRAL Engineering Model are currently being used to test the software components. The ISDC is funded by a consortium of European and US institutes. It is located in Versoix near Geneva.

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