Gamma Ray Measurements of the 1991 November 15 Solar Flare

M.B. Arndt

A. Connors

M. McConnell

J.M. Ryan

G. Rank

V. Schoenfelder

C.A. Young


The 1991 November 15 X1.5 flare was a well observed solar event. Comprehensive data from ground-based observatories and the Yohkoh spacecraft provide the basi s for a contextual interpretation of gamma-ray spectra from the Compton Observa tory. In particular, spectral, spatial, and temporal data at several energies o r wavelengths are necessary to understand the particle dynamics and the acceler ation mechanism(s) within this flare. X-ray images, radio, Ca XIX data and magn etograms provide morphological information on the acceleration region, while ga mma-ray spectral data provide information on the photon energy spectra. Further more, time profiles in hard X-rays and gamma-rays provide valuable information on temporal characteristics of the energetic particles. We report the results o f our analysis of the evolution of this flares as a function of energy (50 keV - 10 MeV). These results, together with those from Yohkoh (14 - 100 keV) may as sist in identifying and understanding the acceleration mechanisms(s) taking pla ce in this event.

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