Analysis of Potential 5 GHz Radio and X-ray Counterparts to the 3EG EGRET Sources

J.R. Mattox

G. Kanbach


We present elliptical fits to the 95% position confidence contours for all sources in the 3rd EGRET catalog. For most sources, these elliptical fits describe the 95% position confidence contour substantially better than the circles provided by the 3rd EGRET catalog. We provide figures for all sources where the elliptical fit is not precise. A tentative catalogue of flat spectrum radio counterparts for the 3EG EGRET sources is presented based on these fits (analogous to that for the 2EG EGRET sources, Mattox et al., 1997, Ap J, 481, 95). These include 50 ``robust'' EGRET blazar identifications, and an additional 30 ``potential'' EGRET blazar identifications. Also, we have begun to use these elliptical fits to search for ROSAT sources which correspond to unidentified EGRET sources. The complete work will eventually be available at ~ mattox/3EG/.

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