5th Compton Symposium - Submitted Abstracts

This is a listing of all abstracts that have been submitted to the conference organizers. The identification number is that assigned to the paper when it was received. A new identification number will later be assigned based on the organization of the program. Each abstract can either be viewed directly with your web browser (html) or can be downloaded in either postscript (ps) or adobe acrobat (pdf) format.
Id Lead Author       Title
A001 Winkler html pdf ps Science with the International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory INTEGRAL
A002 Romero html pdf ps Microvariability in the southern g-ray blazar PKS 0537-441
A003 Romero html pdf ps On the nature of the galactic population of 3EG sources
A004 Ellison html pdf ps Modeling SNRs with a Simple Model of Non-Linear Shock Acceleration
A005 Kaaret html pdf ps Pulsar Radiation and Quantum Gravity
A006 Pottschmidt html pdf ps Monitoring the short-term variability of Cyg X-1 with RXTE
A007 Bötcher html pdf ps Spectral variability of blazars
A008 Combi html pdf ps A multiple g-ray source associated to a new supernova remnant?
A009 Ubertini html pdf ps The IBIS Gamma-ray Telescope on INTEGRAL
A010 Reimer html pdf ps Multiwavelength studies of the peculiar gamma-ray source 3EG J1835+5918
A011 Reimer html pdf ps Spectral properties of 3EG gamma-ray sources outside the galactic plane
A012 Cocchi html pdf ps Bright X-ray bursts from 1E1724-3045 in Terzan 2
A013 Kretschmar html pdf ps Wind accretion in Vela X-1
A014 Shrader html pdf ps The Spectrometer on INTEGRAL (SPI): Instrument Response Characteristics and Data Analysis Methods
A015 Shrader html pdf ps Physical Parameter Estimation in Black Hole X-Ray Binaries
A016 McLaughlin html pdf ps Gamma Ray Pulsar Luminosities
A017 Harris html pdf ps TGRS Measurements of the Positron Annihilation Spectrum from theGalactic Center
A018 Harris html pdf ps TGRS Observations of Positron Annihilation in Classical Novae
A019 Braga html pdf ps Evidence for a 304-day orbital period for Gx1+4
A021 Trams html pdf ps The Integral Science Operations Centre (ISOC): From proposal to Observation.
A022 Catanese html pdf ps Ground Based Gamma-ray Astronomy
A023 Kaspi html pdf ps High-Energy Gamma-Ray Observations of Two Young, Energetic Radio Pulsars
A025 Santangelo html pdf ps Multiple cyclotron features in the spectra of X-ray binary pulsars: the extraordinary case of X0115+63.
A027 Lähteenmäki html pdf ps The radio/gamma-ray connection in AGNs
A028 Dean html pdf ps BATSE monitoring of BLAZARS
A029 Gurriaran html pdf ps Flat fielding in gamma-ray astronomy through Monte Carlo background modeling
A030 Westmore html pdf ps An unbiased hard X-ray survey of the nearest Seyfert 2 nuclei
A031 Tornikoski html pdf ps Millimeter-wave behaviour of EGRET-detected and non-EGRET-detected AGNs
A033 Perfect html pdf ps Modelling the Effects of Solar Flares on Integral
A034 Preite-Martinez html pdf ps Hard X-ray emission from IC 443: the BeppoSAX view
A038 Yi html pdf ps Measuring Black Hole Masses in X-ray Bright Galactic Nuclei
A039 Hamiltonb html pdf ps Preliminary results of pixel detector development for X-ray, and low energy gamma-ray all-sky monitor (AXGAM)
A040 Choi html pdf ps On the Rapid Spin-down and Low Luminosity Accretion in AE Aqr
A041 Kusunose html pdf ps Time Variability of Emission and Electron Acceleration in Blazars
A042 Cusumano html pdf ps Detection of 33.8 ms X-ray pulsations in SAXJ0635+0533
A044 Malizia html pdf ps BeppoSAX/PDS study of the Piccinotti sample of AGN
A045 DiCocco html pdf ps The PICsIT high-energy detector of IBIS: Calibration of the Engineering Model
A046 Teegarden html pdf ps Generation of INTEGRAL/SPI Response Matrices
A048 Schönfelder html pdf ps The First COMPTEL Source Catalogue.
A050 Iyudin html pdf ps Study of Nova-Produced 22Na with COMPTEL
A051 Böttcher html pdf ps Modeling the iron line in GRB afterglows
A055 Aprile html pdf ps Preliminary Results from the Balloon Flight of the Liquid Xenon Gamma-Ray Imaging Telescope LXeGRIT
A056 Strong html pdf ps Study of MeV continuum from Cas A with COMPTEL
A057 Brandt html pdf ps Ballerina - A small Gamma Ray Burst Mission
A058 Chadwick html pdf ps VHE Gamma Ray Observations of Southern Hemisphere AGNs
A059 Chadwick html pdf ps Very High Energy Gamma Rays from X-ray Binaries
A060 Chadwick html pdf ps The University of Durham Mark 6 Gamma Ray Telescope
A061 Chadwick html pdf ps A Search for VHE Gamma Rays from Young Pulsars and Supernova Remnants in the Southern Hemisphere
A062 Takahara html pdf ps Physics of Relativistic Jets in Blazars
A063 McConnell html pdf ps The Variability of Cygnus X-1 at MeV Energies
A064 Wilms html pdf ps Long Term RXTE Monitoring of LMC X-3: Evidence for a Warped Accretion Disk?
A065 Lichti html pdf ps The g-Ray Burst-Detection System of the INTEGRAL-Spectrometer SPI
A066 Tagger html pdf ps Accretion-Ejection Instability in magnetized disks, and low-frequency QPOs in GRS 1915+105
A067 Mukherjee html pdf ps X-ray Observations of the EGRET Sources 3EG 2016+3657 and 3EG 2021+3719
A068 Georgii html pdf ps COMPTEL upper limits for the 847 keV and 1238 keV g-rays of 56Co from SN1998bu
A070 Iyudin html pdf ps 44Ti Gamma-Ray Line Emission from Cas A and RXJ0852-4622/GROJ0852-4642
A071 Tavani html pdf ps AGILE: a Gamma-Ray Mission
A072 Barbiellini html pdf ps AGILE: Instrument Overview
A073 Staubert html pdf ps Her X-1: correlated variability of the 1.24 sec and the 35day periods
A075 Iannone html pdf ps SSS: More photometric observations of RXJ0019.8+2156
A076 Plüschke html pdf ps COMPTEL 1.8 MeV All Sky Survey: The Cygnus Region
A077 Plüschke html pdf ps On the Massive Star Origin of 26Al in the Cygnus Region
A078 Wallace html pdf ps A Systematic Search for Short-Term Variability of EGRET Sources
A079 Thompson html pdf ps Preliminary Results from a New Analysis Method for EGRET Data
A080 Moiseev html pdf ps Anticoincidence Detector (ACD) for GLAST
A082 Milne html pdf ps OSSE Mapping of Positron Annihilation Radiation
A083 Lin html pdf ps Simultaneous Observations of GRS 1758-258 in 1997 by VLA, RXTE and OSSE: Spectroscopy and Timing
A084 Carramiñana html pdf ps Gamma-rays from nearby galaxies: from star formation to nuclear activity
A085 Liang html pdf ps Monte Carlo Simulations of Radiation from Compact Objects
A086 Connell html pdf ps The g-ray and Cosmic Ray Connection: Ulysses HET Secondary Radioisotope Measurements and Cosmic Ray Propagation
A087 Weekes html pdf ps The Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS)
A088 Coburn html pdf ps Hercules X-1 Extended Low State
A089 Heindl html pdf ps Multiple Cyclotron Lines in the Spectrum of 4U 0115+63
A090 Heindl html pdf ps RXTE Studies of Cyclotron Lines in Accreting Pulsars
A091 Yamasaki html pdf ps A Novel Mechanism of the Formation of Electron-Positron Outflow from Hot Accretion Disks
A092 Takahashi html pdf ps Multi-Frequency Observations of a TeV blazar, Mkn421, from a big campaign in 1998
A093 Steinle html pdf ps The Web-Based COMPTEL Bibliography
A094 Steinle html pdf ps The Dedicated Centaurus A Web Pages
A095 Teräsranta html pdf ps Spectral properties of gamma-ray detected Blazars from 5 to 37 GHz
A096 Diehl html pdf ps COMPTEL Constraints on 60Fe Emission from 26Al Sources
A097 Krawczynski html pdf ps An X-ray/VHE Multiwavelength Study of Mkn 501 During Its Extraordinary Outburst of 1997
A098 Krawczynski html pdf ps The TeV and X-ray Characteristics of Mkn 501 as Measured in 1998 with the HEGRA Cherenkov Telescopes and RXTE
A099 Hernanz html pdf ps New theoretical results concerning gamma-ray emission from classical novae
A100 Hernanz html pdf ps BATSE observations of classical novae
A101 Edwards html pdf ps Space VLBI Observations of Gamma-Ray Sources
A102 Robba html pdf ps BeppoSAX Observation of the X-ray pulsar 4U1538-52
A103 Sreekumar html pdf ps GeV outburst in Mrk501
A104 Strong html pdf ps Evidence for a discrete-source origin for low-energy continuum Galactic gamma rays
A105 Lund html pdf ps The Scientific Role of JEM-X: the X-ray monitor on INTEGRAL
A106 Collmar html pdf ps Multifrequency Observations of the Virgo Blazars 3C 273 and 3C 279in CGRO Cycle 8
A107 Collmar html pdf ps COMPTEL Time-Averaged All-Sky Point Source Analysis
A108 Vedrenne html pdf ps The Spectrometer SPI of the INTEGRAL mission
A110 Thompson html pdf ps EGRET/COMPTEL Observations of an Unusual, Steep-Spectrum Gamma-Ray Source
A111 Hannikainen html pdf ps Hard X-Ray Spectrum of GRS 1915+105 During a Radio Flare
A112 Kaaret html pdf ps Discovery of a Hard X-Ray Source, SAX J0635+0533, in the Error Box of the Gamma-Ray Source 2EG 0635+0521
A113 Murphy html pdf ps Measurements of Broad Gamma-Ray Lines from Heavy-Ion Interactions in Solar Flares
A114 Yamaoka html pdf ps ASCA Observations of the Superluminal Jet Source GRO J1655-40
A115 Hartman html pdf ps Gamma-Ray Spectral Variation During the February 1996 3C 279 Flare
A116 Williams html pdf ps Evidence for emission in the MeV band from GRO J1837+59 and QSO 1739+522
A117 Grandi html pdf ps Broad Band Properties of Radio Loud Emission Line AGN
A118 Dal Fiume html pdf ps Cyclotron lines in X-ray pulsars as a probe of relativistic plasma in superstrong magnetic fields
A119 Weidenspointner html pdf ps The COMPTEL instrumental-line background
A120 Weidenspointner html pdf ps The cosmic diffuse gamma-ray background measured with COMPTEL
A121 Zhang html pdf ps X-ray luminosities from the spin-powered pulsars
A122 Kurfess html pdf ps Considerations for the Next Compton Telescope Mission
A123 Bertsch html pdf ps Spectral Modeling of the EGRET 3EG Gamma Ray Sources Near the Galactic Plane
A124 Del Sordo html pdf ps Iron line and soft excess properties of GX301-2 at different orbital phases
A125 La Rosa html pdf ps The Science Software of the EGSE/Quick-Look for the IBIS instrument on-board INTEGRAL satellite
A126 Dermer html pdf ps Model for the Redshift and Luminosity Distributions of Gamma-Ray Blazars
A127 Dermer html pdf ps Blast-Wave Physics Model for Blazars
A128 Tavani html pdf ps Non-blazar gamma-ray sources near the Galactic plane
A129 Tavani html pdf ps Report on the gamma-ray source 2CG 135+01
A130 Chen html pdf ps Detecting the Attentuation of Blazar Gamma-ray Emission by Extragalactic Background Light with GLAST
A131 Leising html pdf ps OSSE Observations of Supernova 1998bu
A132 Strickman html pdf ps Detection of Multiple Hard X-ray Flares from Sco X-1 with OSSE
A133 Sturner html pdf ps On the Nature of the Broad 26Al Line Observed by GRIS
A134 Sturner html pdf ps MGEANT - A GEANT-Based Multi-Purpose Simulation Package for Gamma-Ray Astronomy Missions
A135 Dal Fiume html pdf ps BeppoSAX observation of the peculiar X-ray source 4U1700+24
A136 Leising html pdf ps OSSE Observations of Nova Velorum 1999
A137 Phlips html pdf ps CsI Hodoscopic Calorimeter for the GLAST Mission
A138 Cocchi html pdf ps Clocked Bursts From GS 1826-238: A Threaten for Thermonuclear Flash Models?
A140 Goldwurm html pdf ps Observation of X-ray Novae with INTEGRAL
A141 Carramiñana html pdf ps Optical studies of potential counterparts for unidentified EGRET sources
A142 Djannati-Ataï html pdf ps CAT telescope VHE measurments on Mrk421 and Mrk501 and implicationson blazar phenomena
A143 Messina html pdf ps A Catalog of OSSE Observations of Discrete Sources
A144 Grove html pdf ps Broadband Studies of BHCs in the High, Soft State
A146 The html pdf ps Gamma-ray Observations of Cas A SNR
A147 The html pdf ps Galactic Supernova Rate from COMPTEL 44Gamma-line Observations
A148 Coppi html pdf ps Time Dependent Modeling of the X-ray and VHE Emission of the BL Lac Object Mkn 501 in the Framework of Synchrotron Self Compton Models
A149 Michelson html pdf ps The Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope: Instrument TechnologyDevelopment (Overview)
A153 Bloom html pdf ps Analysis of the Ground Based Data for 3C279: 1990-1999
A154 Kazanas html pdf ps Relativistic Electrons in Blazars: A Hadronic Origin?
A155 Knödlseder html pdf ps Gamma-ray line emission from OB associations and young clusters
A157 Nayakshin html pdf ps An Explanation for the ``X-ray Baldwin'' Effect
A158 Nayakshin html pdf ps A Self-Consistent Study of the ionized X-ray reflection in AGN and GBHCs.
A159 Kappadath html pdf ps Minute-of-Arc Resolution Gamma Ray Imaging Experiment — MARGIE
A160 Kippen html pdf ps GRB 990123: An Extraordinary Example of an Ordinary Gamma-Ray Burst?
A161 Karr html pdf ps FiberGLAST: A High-Energy Gamma-Ray Telescope for the GLAST Mission based on Scintillating Fiber Detectors
A163 Digel html pdf ps Unbinned Likelihood Analysis of EGRET Observations
A164 Maccarone html pdf ps The autocorrelation function of Cyg X-1
A165 Bloemen html pdf ps Improved COMPTEL maps of the Milky Way
A166 Bloemen html pdf ps Background modelling in COMPTEL Al-26 1.8 MeV studies
A167 Slavis html pdf ps High Altitude Balloon Flights of Position Sensitive CdZnTe Detector for High Energy X-ray Astronomy
A168 Piner html pdf ps Space VLBI Observations of 3C279 at 1.6 and 5 GHz
A169 Dixon html pdf ps An Apparent Anomalous Diffuse gamma-ray emission feature, and its Possible Association with the the worm GW18.5+2.8
A170 Zweerink html pdf ps The Solar Two 20-300 GeV Gamma-ray Observatory
A171 Stacy html pdf ps Limits on MeV Emission from Active Galaxies Measured with COMPTEL
A172 O'Neill html pdf ps A Tracking and Imaging Gamma-Ray Telescope (TIGRE) for Energies of 0.3 to 100 MeV
A173 Dixon html pdf ps MREM: Multiresolution Regularized Expectation Maximization Algorithm for Image Reconstruction of Poisson Data
A174 Grenier html pdf ps Temporal and spatial distributions of the unidentified EGRET sources in the Galaxy
A175 Lin html pdf ps Some Aspects of the Radio Emission of EGRET-Detected Blazars
A176 Terada html pdf ps Capability of the ASTRO-E Hard X-ray Detectorfor High-Energy Transients and g-Ray Bursts
A177 Borozdin html pdf ps Observations of some X-ray transients with RXTE
A178 Mohanty html pdf ps Observation of supernova remnants with the CAT Cherenkov imaging telescope
A179 Bassani html pdf ps BeppoSAX hard X-ray observations of Cluster of Galaxies
A180 Shu html pdf ps COMPTEL Observations of the Flaring Quasars PKS1622-297 and PKS0446+112
A181 Pizzichini html pdf ps Hardness Ratio and Galactic Latitude in Gamma-Ray Bursts
A182 Dogiel html pdf ps Hard X-Ray Emission from Clusters of Galaxies
A183 Ángel Berná html pdf ps Imager on board INTEGRAL Satellite: imaging with the physical mask
A184 Bazzano html pdf ps IBIS detectability of the BeppoSAX Hard Tailed sample of Bursters.
A185 Binns html pdf ps FiberGLAST:Test Results of the Fiber Tracker System
A186 Kroeger html pdf ps Large Volume Germanium Detectors for the Advanced Compton Telescope
A187 Kalemci html pdf ps Modelling of CZT Strip Setectors
A188 Matteson html pdf ps Coded Mask Imaging with CZT Detectors
A189 Nayakshin html pdf ps Time Dependent Accretion Disk Models of GRS 1915+105
A190 Gehrels html pdf ps Status of the Compton Observatory
A191 Gehrels html pdf ps GRAPWG Recommendations for NASA's Gamma Ray Astronomy Program
A192 Caroli html pdf ps The CIPHER telescope for hard X and soft g-ray polarimetry
A193 Czerny html pdf ps Obscuration model of variability in AGN
A194 Covault html pdf ps The Solar Tower Atmospheric Cherenkov Effect Experiment (STACEE): New Results at 100 GeV
A195 Ryan html pdf ps The Development of a Position-Sensitive CZT Detector with Orthogonal Co-Planar Anode Strips
A196 Dubath html pdf ps The INTEGRAL Science Data Center
A197 Marscher html pdf ps The Compact Radio Jets of 41 g-Ray Blazars: Statistics
A198 Marchenko html pdf ps Comparison of Epochs of Ejection of Superluminal Components with the g-Ray Light Curves of EGRET Blazars
A199 Milne html pdf ps Analysis and Model-Fitting to OSSE Observations of Positron Annihilation Radiation
A200 Wilson html pdf ps GRO J2058+42 Observations with BATSE and RXTE
A201 Skelton html pdf ps Pulse Shape Discrimination for INTEGRAL's Spectrometer Instrument
A202 Titarchuk html pdf ps Spectroscopy of Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in the Low-Mass X-ray Neutron Star Binaries
A204 Schopper html pdf ps MEGA - A New Medium Energy (0.5 - 50 MeV) Gamma-Ray Telescope
A205 Falcone html pdf ps Detection of 6 November 1997 Ground Level Event by Milagrito
A206 Milagro Collabor. html pdf ps TeV Observations of Mrk 501 with the Milagrito Water Cherenkov Detector
A207 Hurley html pdf ps The 4.5 pm 0.5 Soft Gamma Repeaters in Review
A208 Gupta html pdf ps Asymmetric subpeaks of short duration bursts
A209 McNamara html pdf ps The Correlated Optical and X-ray Behavior of Sco X-1
A210 Kudryashov html pdf ps Synthesis of Radioactive Nuclei and Gamma-Ray Line Radiation from Novae
A211 Diehl html pdf ps Gamma-Ray Line Astrophysics
A212 Sreekumar html pdf ps The Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Background: Results from CGRO
A213 Emslie html pdf ps High Energy Solar Physics at the Y2K Maximum
A214 Miller html pdf ps Search for TeV Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts
A215 Atkins html pdf ps Results from the Milagrito TeV Observatory
A216 Smith html pdf ps Extra-Solar Astrophysics with the High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI)
A217 Strong html pdf ps Diffuse Galactic Continuum Gamma Rays
A218 Sari html pdf ps Gamma-Ray Bursts and Afterglows
A219 Johnson html pdf ps The GLAST Silicon-Strip Tracking System
A220 Young html pdf ps Energetic Proton Spectra in the 11 June 1991 and 24 October 1991 Solar Flares
A221 Dubath html pdf ps The INTEGRAL Science Data Center
A222 Fossati html pdf ps Temporal and Spectral Evolution of the X-Ray Emission of the TeV Blazar Mkn 421
A223 Arndt html pdf ps Gamma-Ray Measurements of the 1991 November 15 Solar Flare
A224 Vestrand html pdf ps GeV Gamma-Ray Variability from the TeV Blazar PKS 2155-304
A225 Vestrand html pdf ps Limits on Particle Acceleration by Black Holes in X-Ray Binaries
A226 Vestrand html pdf ps A "Snapshot" Survey of the Gamma-Ray Sky at GeV Energies
A227 Gurriaran html pdf ps Application of the GEANT4 Radiation Transport Toolkit to Space Radiation Effects Studies
A228 Akerlof html pdf ps Prompt Optical Photons from Gamma-Ray Bursts
A229 Bhat html pdf ps Pachmarhi Array of Cerenkov Telescopes
A230 Bhat html pdf ps Gamma-Hadron Separation Based on Cerenkov Photon Arrival Time Studies
A231 Hermsen html pdf ps Observation of the ms-Pulsar PSR J0218+4232 by EGRET
A232 Mattox html pdf ps Analysis of Potential 5 GHz Radio and X-Ray Counterparts to the 3EG EGRET Sources
A233 Grindlay html pdf ps EXIST: A High Sensitivity Hard X-Ray Imaging Sky Survey Mission for ISS

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