SOHO Solar Data SOHO Solar Data

    SOHO search for available data from various solar observatories:
    • Big Bear Solar Observatory
    • Holloman AFB
    • Kanzelhöhe Solar Observatory
    • Kiepenheuer Inst. for Solar Phys.
    • Learmonth Solar Observatory
    • Mauna Loa Solar Obs. at HAO
    • Mees Solar Observatory
    • Mt. Wilson Observatory
    • Nat. Solar Obs. at Kitt Peak
    • Nat. Solar Obs. at Sac. Peak
    • Nobeyama Radio Observatory
    • Observatory of Paris at Meudon
    • Pic du Midi Observatory
    • Space Environment Lab
    • Yohkoh Soft-X Telescope

    SOHO search for available data from instruments on SOHO:
    • CDS
    • CELIAS
    • COSTEP
    • EIT
    • ERNE
    • GOLF
    • LASCO
    • MDI
    • SUMER
    • SWAN
    • UVCS
    • VIRGO

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