COMPTEL on the WWW -- What's New?


Added link to COMPTEL-related theses and dissertations.

The COMPTEL Solar Flare Page is now accessible from the Main COMPTEL WWW Page.


Added link to press release from 191st meeting of the American Astronomical Society (09-Jan-98). The topic of the press release was a possible association of a point-like feature in the COMPTEL 2.2 MeV all-sky map with a highly magnetized white dwarf star.


Miscellaneous cleanup and update of links, home pages, addresses, etc. If you discover an inoperable link to another WWW page or site from these pages, please inform the COMPTEL Webmeister at .


The COMPTEL Gamma-ray Burst Page is now accessible from the Main COMPTEL WWW Page.

A number of new, "pretty pictures" of COMPTEL scientific results, including COMPTEL all-sky maps, have been added to the COMPTEL Science Highlights page.

A document describing COMPTEL Data Analysis Standards is now available and accessible from the COMPTEL Data Analysis page.

This (self-referential) What's New Page has been added.


The COMPTEL electronic publications archive has been extensively updated to include 60+ team publications, as well as a complete bibliography of all COMPTEL publications since the launch of the CGRO. Access is available from the COMPTEL Publications page.


The usual miscellaneous clean-up, minor updates, and cosmetic changes, time permitting ...

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